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Iran is believed to have the second largest copper mine in the world. Shahid Bahonar Copper Industries Company for whom we are the sole representitives has been set up over the course of the last 10 years and is currently amongst the largest manufacturers of copper and brass products. The manufacturing plant is one off the most up-to-date and sophisticated of its kind and has been given the ISO 9002 certificate for all aspects of its production facilities. All products conform to the required European or American standards and specifications.

Copper and Brass SheetThe company has in the past enjoyed substantial trade with a number of countries in the Far East and has supplied all domestic requirements. Until recently, due to heavy domestic demands the export of majority of the products has been very difficult. However, continuous expansion has led to increasing production levels and over the past two years it has become possible to export a large volume of the company's products.

KDP has been set up with the aim of promoting these products in Europe and the Middle Eastern countries which share their borders with Europe. As a new player in this vast market it is our aim to establish long and mutually beneficial trading relationships with well established stockists or manufacturers of copper/brass products. We can assure our partners / customers of highly competitive prices and a highly efficient and reliable service at all times. As we directly represent the manufacturer your orders will be dealt with promptly and without having to go through a chain of dealers.

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